Healthy Aging

Through Internet Counselling

in the Elderly



Collaborative project co-funded by the European Unions' Seventh Framework Programme (FP7, 2007-2013) under grant agreement No 305374.

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Each work package has an assigned work package leader who is responsible for the timely and efficient delivery of the work package milestones and deliverables.

WP leaders oversee the research and ensure a constant line of communication with the EMB and the Project Coordinator to monitor the progress of the tasks.

  • WP1 Dr. Edo Richard
  • WP2 Dr. Yannick Meiller
  • WP3 Prof. Sandrine Andrieu
  • WP4 Prof. Hillka Soininen
  • WP5 Ing Bram van de Groep
  • WP6 Dr. Edo Richard
  • WP7 Prof. Miia Kivipelto

The Executive Management Board (EMB) handles the operational responsibility and day to day management of the Project, implementing the decision taken by the GA and proposing contingency planning to the GA in case of delays or problems.

The EMB is composed of Dr Richard, Prof Van Gool, Prof Kivipelto and Prof Andrieu integrating the clinical, research and technical parts of the Project. These board members have been selected by the HATICE partners based on their on their knowledge, experience with interdisciplinary multi-partner projects, capacity, skills, international connections, their strategic view on the science, implementation and impact of this project and their overall strategic responsibility for the project being a success. The EMB overviews in particular the interaction between the work packages, the flow of input and output information between work packages, the division of work, the workload and the achievements. The EMB is esponsible for drafting and regular updates of the use, dissemination and exploitation plan and has an important responsibility with regard to risk management.

In the Project's General Assembly (GA) all partners are represented.

The GA is chaired by the Project Leader Prof W.A Van Gool

The GA meets at least once a year. All partners must be represented on this meeting by the senior scientist or a representative mandated by the senior scientist.

The GA ensures the democratic governance of the consortium and implementation of the activities of the Project, guards the quality of deliverables and milestones of the Project monitors timelines and establishes rescue procedures when needed.

The GA has formal power over all project activities and is the highest authority in the decision tree of the project

The Project Coordinators are Dr. E. Richard and Prof W.A. Van Gool. They are responsible for overall and scientific technical management. Prof. W.A. Van Gool was appointed as President of the Health Council of the Netherlands mid-2012. Hence, Dr E. Richard is responsible for the day to day project management and will be the main coordinator throughout the project