Healthy Aging

Through Internet Counselling

in the Elderly



Collaborative project co-funded by the European Unions' Seventh Framework Programme (FP7, 2007-2013) under grant agreement No 305374.

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By combining five academic institutions and two SME's, the consortium as a whole is very well equipped for the current project. The academic partners involved in MAPT, FINGER and preDIVA are very experienced in the execution of large-scale cohort studies and/or randomised controlled trials in elderly populations. The contribution of the University of Cambridge guarantees state of the art input from the perspective of public health which is pivotal for translating the findings and conclusions from HATICE into health care policy. A large part of the partners have joined forces in the European Dementia Prevention Initiative (EDPI), which was launched in April 2011 with the first scientific meeting in Stockholm. This is a bottom-up initiative from AMC, KI, UEF and INSERM, because we realized that international collaboration between ongoing studies will lead to much larger sample sizes and will offer excellent opportunities to study advantages and disadvantages from different intervention strategies operational in different systems of health care. VHS is a clear market leader for Disease Management eHealth solutions in the Dutch, European and American Market. VHS has implemented disease management solutions in several countries including The Netherlands, Germany, US, Belgium, India and Saudi Arabia. Over the last 5 years a huge amount of best practices has been gathered.

The relatively small number of partners with all extensive experience with clinical trials and an ongoing collaboration guarantees a high degree of dedication to the project as well as to the other partners. In the consortium specific expertise on geriatric medicine, neurology, primary care cardiovascular risk management, public health and information and computer technology are all well represented offering a scope for successful completion of the ambitions of HATICE.