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Collaborative project co-funded by the European Unions' Seventh Framework Programme (FP7, 2007-2013) under grant agreement No 305374.

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Novapten (NVP) is a French SME created in 2005. It is specialized in innovation management and operation of collaborative projects. Aiming at working in many fields and at different stages of Research, Development and Innovation, it creates ad hoc teams, integrating expertise which appears to be relevant for a given project. Novapten has worked before in the field of healthcare, for instance coordinating a project involving several hospitals from APHP (Assistance Publique – Hôpitaux de Paris), SMEs, a large company, research teams in management sciences and public funding. This was a large scale experimentation of RFID within healthcare. NVP has also direct experience in developing tools for research. Indeed, it has developed software to manage experimental protocols, for an INSERM research team. The platform it will develop in the HATICE project will be a valuable tool that NVP could propose to its clients when hosting, operating or supporting a collaborative project.

NVP's contribution to HATICE project will involve a team of five people led by Yannick Meiller and Marc Boyer. Part of the team will be located in Toulouse, in order to be close to INSERM. Both the experience of its founder and the history of NVP have led to a strong relationship between the company and scientific research. On the one hand, scientific research (and development and innovation) is a sector of application for NVP's services and tools. On the other hand, NVP is committed to scientific research for the development of its own tools and services. The input of NVP as a WP leader for WP 2 is highly suitable for this SME-targeted project. The Scientific background of both Dr Meiller and Dr Boyer will be very useful to bridge the gap between academia and SME.

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