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On 11-13 June the 7th Kuopio Alzheimer symposium was held. With 24-hour daylight in the sky, inside the Technopolis centre in Kuopio important discussions took place on Alzheimer's disease research. HATICE was well-represented. Hilkka Soininen was chair of the organization committee.

Miia Kivipelto presented encouraging data on the recently published FINGER trial, which illustrated the proof of principle of the effect of a multidomain intervention on cognitive functioning. Sandrine Andrieu presented some interesting lessons learned from the MAPT trial, which is currently under analysis. Edo Richard presented preliminary data on preDIVA, which is also under analysis at this very moment. HATICE was discussed extensively. All in all the theme dementia prevention was high on the agenda and led to lively discussions.

All are very much looking forward to the final results of MAPT and preDIVA later this year