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Collaborative project co-funded by the European Unions' Seventh Framework Programme (FP7, 2007-2013) under grant agreement No 305374.

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INSERM Toulouse

INSERM U1027 is a joint research unit of INSERM and the University of Toulouse III. The INSERM-University of Toulouse Research Unit UMR1027 has 33 full-time staff with 19 full professors and 4 senior researchers. From 2005 to 2009, the Unit published 749 scientific papers in peer-reviewed journals. Public health analyses include etiological research of age-related disease with a life-course epidemiological approach, assessment of preventive interventions, and prognosis of chronic diseases and disabilities using population-based cohort designs. The team directed by Prof.Sandrine Andrieu ("Aging and Alzheimer's disease, from observation to intervention", evaluated A+ by AERES) will support the present study given the unique experience developed over the years in designing multi-domain interventions for older adults (in e.g. the PLASA and MAPT studies). Working closely with the Toulouse Gerontopole (headed by Prof B Vellas) results from research activities are highly clinically-oriented, allowing their easy and direct implementation into daily clinical practice and, in general, to public health. This network composed of local and regional actors in the healthcare pathway for older persons enables over 30,000 older patients every year to benefit from clinical care and innovations from clinical research. The Gerontopole Research and Clinical Centre and the UMR1027 have allowed the successful design and conduction of large intervention studies.

Key persons:

Prof Sandrine Andrieu

andrieu SProf Sandrine Andrieu (M.D, PhD) is an epidemiologist. She is currently professor of epidemiology and public health at the Toulouse University school of Medicine. She studied epidemiology and obtained her PhD in aging and public Health in 2002. Since 2011, she has been running the INSERM – Toulouse University research Unit UMR1027 on "risks, chronic diseases and disability" and heads the "Aging and Alzheimer Disease" research team. She currently coordinates the French Observatory of Research in AD. As responsible of the methodology clinical research unit of the Toulouse University hospital, she's responsible for methodological aspects of trials in aging. She has published more than 120 international papers and book chapters in the field of aging. She is presently involved in large intervention studies in the field of neurodegenerative disease (PLASA Study, GuidAge Study, MAPT Study) and large cohorts of Alzheimer Disease patients (ICTUS,REAL.fr). She is also involved in the BRIF (Bioresource Research impact factor) project which aims to assess the quantitative use and impact of bio-resources internationally, to trace research utilizing bio-resources and to credit the efforts of people and institutions that generate bio-resources, maintain them or make them available.

Picture with courtesy of INSERM/P.Latron