Healthy Aging

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Collaborative project co-funded by the European Unions' Seventh Framework Programme (FP7, 2007-2013) under grant agreement No 305374.

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Academic Medical Center Amsterdam

The Department of Neurology at the AMC has a longstanding history of clinical research in several fields including most prominently cognitive disorders and stroke. The department has a very experienced clinical trials bureau employing six full-time research nurses, coordinating several RCTs including the preDIVA-study (n=3533), the Preventive Antibiotics in Stroke Study (PASS, n=3200, recently completed) and the Anti-platelet therapy in combination with Recombinant t-PA thrombolysis in Ischemic Stroke study (ARTIS, n=600, recently completed). There is an excellent collaboration with the Epidemiology and Biostatistics unit. The academic Department of General Practice has a focus on clinical research in geriatric populations and is involved in large epidemiological studies. In close collaboration with the department of Geriatrics at the AMC in 2009 the FIT-study was started. FIT is a cluster-RCT (n=8000) to assess the effect of comprehensive geriatric assessment and coordination by a practice nurse in a primary care setting to retain functional independence and reduce institutionalization among elderly patients with increased risk of functional decline. The collaboration between the departments of neurology, general practice and epidemiology and biostatistics forms an excellent basis for the coordination of HATICE. The current collaboration with 125 GP-practices in PreDIVA forms a strong basis for the proposed RCT in HATICE

Key persons:

Dr. Edo Richard

Edo Richard
Dr. Edo Richard is a neurologist at the department of neurology at the Academic Medical Center in Amsterdam and the Radboud University medical center in Nijmegen. He is mainly involved in research on vascular risk factors and cognitive decline and he combines research with clinical work in general neurology and cognitive disorders. In 2010 he worked as a post-doc at Columbia University Medical Centre in New York, USA (Prof J.A. Luchsinger) to improve his skills in neuro-epidemiology. He is in charge of the multidisciplinary meetings with the departments of geriatrics, neuropsychology and psychiatry at the AMC. He is the PI of the preDIVA-MRI sub-study. In addition, he is scientific advisor for the Dutch Medicines Evaluation Board. Dr. Edo Richard has several PhD students.